2018 Submissions

SqS5E2: Evacuation Drill SqS5E2: Evacuation Drill Rated Stars Everybody! Everybody! Run for your lives! It's a fire! Oh wait, no, it's just a drill. Comedy - Original SqS5S1: Supply List SqS5S1: Supply List Rated Stars A PSA for freshmen about the supplies you might need for high school! Read description! Comedy - Original SqS5E1: Summer Reading 1 SqS5E1: Summer Reading 1 Rated Stars A whole new cast of the Squishables have to read during the summer. Comedy - Original Abandoned Projects Collab Abandoned Projects Collab Rated Stars A montage of abandoned animation projects from various artists Other W.S#14 - Bike (B Parody) W.S#14 - Bike (B Parody) Rated Stars A parody of the famous B flash! Drama W.S # 13 - Dog Days W.S # 13 - Dog Days Rated Stars The dog haves fun with other Webdings during the Dog Days of Summer!!! Comedy - Original W.E#3 - Pivot Webdings W.E#3 - Pivot Webdings Rated Stars Default Pivot Stickfigure Animator animations remade in Webdings style. Comedy - Parody W.S #12: Webding Crossing W.S #12: Webding Crossing Rated Stars The Webdings have a lesson for you! Comedy - Original Sq.E # 5 - Senior Prom #1 Sq.E # 5 - Senior Prom #1 Rated Stars The second to last episode of the Squishables in which Err sort of gets invited? Comedy - Original 24Frames Collab 24Frames Collab Rated Stars 24 frames. 1 second. Amazing animation. Experimental W.E#2: Swiveling Webdings W.E#2: Swiveling Webdings Rated Stars Swivel is the word in Webding Town and Server, well, just watch the movie. Comedy - Original Sq.E # 4 - Purple Day Sq.E # 4 - Purple Day Rated Stars The Squishables wear purple to support someone who is sick. Comedy - Original Such a Happy Life Such a Happy Life Rated Stars My March 2013 11SecondClub Entry. Comedy - Original Sq.S#1: Fiddler on Roof Sq.S#1: Fiddler on Roof Rated Stars Full title is "Fiddler on the Roof". Lubch notices that Opex is in a school play. Comedy - Original The RJL Show Episode #1 The RJL Show Episode #1 Rated Stars The first episode of my new series and it's called "Mouse Mover". Comedy - Original Corvty Maze Corvty Maze Rated Stars Paintbrush plays a maze game, but gets a shock at the end. Comedy - Original Bad App Bad App Rated Stars A short about a bad app. Comedy - Original Fish McBites Song Fish McBites Song Rated Stars My animation for the Fish McBites song. Music Video Sq.E#2: Croissant Day Sq.E#2: Croissant Day Rated Stars Lubch gets jealous of everybody getting croissants. Comedy - Original Retarded Running Squish Retarded Running Squish Rated Stars Retarded Running Animals are so cool that I decided to make one myself! Other Bagel Virus Bagel Virus Rated Stars Swiss Cheez sings a lame song about his love for bagels and dislikes for other foods. Comedy - Original
Flash Library #8 Flash Library #8 Rated Stars mistyentertainment, mownkey and nat29 all send in random cartoons! Other Flash Library #5 Flash Library #5 Rated Stars mistyentertainment, artistuknown and nat29 all make movies about starships! Comedy - Original Flash Library #4 Flash Library #4 Rated Stars the intro to an abandoned history project and some burps and farts Other Flash Library #3 Flash Library #3 Rated Stars Today we have a solo submission from nat29! Action Flash Library #2 Flash Library #2 Rated Stars Paul McCartney, Mario and some guy banging his head. Other The RJL Show Trailer The RJL Show Trailer Rated Stars Since this was started in Oct. 2011, it's in an old style. Comedy - Original The Nokia Hands Collab The Nokia Hands Collab Rated Stars connecting people with randomism Comedy - Parody Christmas Objects in 1984 Christmas Objects in 1984 Rated Stars Parody of the Apple 1984 Commercial with this commercial that supports Windows 8! Comedy - Parody Food Joke # 1: ImPasta Food Joke # 1: ImPasta Rated Stars A reupload, and it's in video too, so you finally get to see it. Comedy - Original Sq.E # 1 - First Day Sq.E # 1 - First Day Rated Stars A mean teacher tortures his students on the first day. Comedy - Original How to make a Flour Sack! How to make a Flour Sack! Rated Stars How to create the loveable Flour Sack! The original script was by JKR. Experimental Tutorial 2 - Body Turn Tutorial 2 - Body Turn Rated Stars The second tutorial on my account is finally here! Other W.T#1 - Soda Rampage W.T#1 - Soda Rampage Rated Stars First trailer for Webdings, and first video from Nat29 as well. Comedy - Original Thermometer Touchdown Thermometer Touchdown Rated Stars Another Webding Short. Comedy - Original Webdings FE: The Present Webdings FE: The Present Rated Stars First Webdings Fanmade Episode despite being around for 3 months. Comedy - Original Flash Library #1 Flash Library #1 Rated Stars The first installment of Flash Library! Other Double Point Day pt1 Double Point Day pt1 Rated Stars First Episode of Season 2 of the Squishables. Also the worst. Other Mismatch Day Mismatch Day Rated Stars Part of NatMarathon. Comedy - Original Webdings Prologue Webdings Prologue Rated Stars Fourth movie of the NatMarathon. Action Portfolio Portfolio Rated Stars Part of NatMarathon. Fourth movie of it. Experimental Webding Night at the Bar Webding Night at the Bar Rated Stars Part of NatMarathon. Third movie of it. Experimental A Cloud's Day At The Pond A Cloud's Day At The Pond Rated Stars Part of NatMarathon. Second movie. Action Airplane Exterminator Airplane Exterminator Rated Stars Part of NatMarathon. First movie. Action A Cursor's Day Alone A Cursor's Day Alone Rated Stars First Nat29 LoopDeLoop submission. Experimental W.S1 - Easter Party W.S1 - Easter Party Rated Stars The first Webdings short in which the Webdings have an Easter Party. Other Whistle Walk Whistle Walk Rated Stars An animation for a collab I am making. Other W.E1 - Soda Can W.E1 - Soda Can Rated Stars The first episode of Webdings. Action SS Ep1 - Half Day SS Ep1 - Half Day Rated Stars The brown mushroom teacher tortures his students. Action