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Nat29's June 2013 Post

2013-06-01 17:30:14 by Natty23

24Frames Collab is a collab I worked on. I did a part where Quily pressed a button in front of Smally, only to lead in an explosion.

Flash Library # 9 was about Dancing Prodints. That's it.

Coming up is one Squishable episode about a prom (the final episode). Click here to see my Top 10 for May 2013. With the exception of Civilized Duck, Say Sneeze and Super Mario Browsers, none of them are really stuff that I like, but not entirely bad. Below is a preview image of one of the episodes (the prom one).

Nat29's June 2013 Post

Nat29's May 2013 Post

2013-05-05 17:59:03 by Natty23

The first thing for this month is a Webdings episode called Swiveling Webdings, and the first one in a year and two months. But yeah, it's about our converter Swivel! The Webdings go crazy over it and take away Keyboard and Mouse and Monitor just to check it out.

Also, for the second episode of Teens' Adventure, there are more FBF movements (examples like more arm FBF), and currently, I am working on Episode 3. It is longer and hopefully better than the first too, thanks to three voice actors, two musicians and one animator! Also, it got 10th place (runner-up).

I am trying to do more FBF with the 6Teen & Stoked characters. Although I haven't planned her in any cartoons yet, here is Mimi, Stone's ex-girlfriend from Date and Switch (first appeared in Wrestlemania, back then they were together): 813346cb5d48b0703260

And below is my favorite 10 from last month (it wasn't easy!):

Nat29's May 2013 Post

Nat29's April Post

2013-04-01 14:26:50 by Natty23

Such a Happy Life is the third 11SecondClub animation I made. It is about some guy talking about his happy life. Nothing much.

Adrellia Village #43 is an episode in which a search party looks for King William while Drake thinks the World of Destiny is more important than preventing people from dying. The series belongs to MistyEntertainment, not me. All I did was gave him a few sound effects, animate a few things, drew some backgrounds and etc.

Purple Day is an episode about students supporting a sick teacher by wearing purple as purple is their favorite color. For once, somebody actually found it funny too, same to me. I guess I really am improving in writing.

Also to be honest with you, I really think this Segway of the Dead thing is stupid. The art and animation may be good, but I won't play it. It is featured at the top and I can't move it or get rid of it! Ugh! Below is my Top 10 of March 2013 BTW. The link below is a preview image of a Webdings episode. It is about something happening to NG user icons lately... and soon my icon will be just like others with those r** s*****. Guess what the word is, it's not a swear by the way! And for those wondering, the Squishables series will be replaced by a series caleld "Too Brute". It's about a random thing preventing other stuff from going in the Brute can. gsRedShadesPreview.png

Start and End Dates:

Such a Happy Life - March 28, 2013 (Done in one day)
Adrellia Village #43 - March 19, 2013 to April 5, 2013
Purple Day - April 3, 2013 to April 5, 2013

Nat29's April Post

Nat29's March Post

2013-03-04 19:55:03 by Natty23

Head Lice is another Squishable Episode I did. It is 3 minutes long, minus the scene after the credits, and it is the second (or possibly first) greatest episode yet, so please go check that out. Also, special thanks to Mabelma for help with 3 inbetweens, I'm thinking of making him as a inbetween assistant, but I'll still be doing most of the inbetweens though.

Corvty Maze is another short based on a Zimmer Twins Fruity Short. Characters are a Paintbrush, a Ruler and a Cloth Tape Measure voiced by two people. One did the Paintbrush and the other two were done by another. Mabelma did one inbetween while MistyEntertainment shaded most of the shaded stuff (even the poster in the background). Otherwise, it's pretty much similar to Bagel Virus, only better.

The RJL Show Episode # 1 is the start of a new series. It is about two workers who usually don't get along since one keeps pranking another, and the other one tries to get revenge, but fails. And by pranks, I mean computer pranks. And by computer pranks, I mean RJL Computer Pranks. Based on the actual RJL Pranks website. The first episode is based off Mouse Mover, in which the mouse moves randomly every 5 seconds.

Fiddler on the Roof is the first short of the Squishables Season 4. It is about Opex telling Lubch about the play. It is slightly funnier because another writer wrote most of the script. Mabelma also had done a beautiful theater background.

Adrellia Village #42 is the best Adrellia Village episode yet, you have to go watch it. King William gets depressed and Drake, Rory and Rachel are still looking for the rare ingredients. By the way, MistyEntertainment is actually the creator of the series, I just helped with certain parts.

Start and End Dates:
Head Lice - February 27, 2013 to March 2, 2013
Corvty Maze - March 2, 2013 to March 4, 2013
The RJL Show Episode # 1 - November 28, 2012 to March 9, 2013
Fiddler on the Roof - March 3, 2013 to March 16, 2013
Adrellia Village #42 - February 6, 2013 to March 17, 2013

Nat29's February Post

2013-02-13 18:47:12 by Natty23

So far I have nothing for this month, but there will be something this month from me, so stay tuned! Also, the writer for one of my Squishable shorts was the writer of the NG BBS Quiz 2012! Yes! You could check out the first 4 animations of this year, though, so yeah.

Nat's 2012 in Review

2012-12-27 12:05:33 by Natty23

The actual first animation I uploaded (now removed by me due to not following the style to most of my 2012 videos) was another 11 Second Collab Entry. It got a score like most of the 2011 ones, so yeah.

The second one was a Squishable Episode about Half Day and a teacher torturing students, also nearly like the 2011 ones, but got over a 2.00. Around this time, I started to meet MistyEntertainment and was a big inspiration to me. Later on in the year, I join the production for doing color and other stuff, mainly with his current big 20-minute project, Playback.

The third one was a Pi Day song, and this was actually one of the first videos ever on this account with fairly better votes (2.80 and etc.) From then on, I was improving, and after a now un-published intro with the same line tool style on the people, I decided to start using the line tool less for people.

The fourth video was the beginning of my new (or maybe newest) series, Webdings. Nobody apparently animated Webdings here before, so I decided to be one of the first (or maybe I am the first). It was a rushed episode about St. Patrick's Day, so yeah, really I could've done better, but yeah, what the what?

The fifth video was a tribute to Edd Gould who had cancer and passed away unfortunately. Nothing much.

The sixth one was an entry to my abandoned Creative Idea Collab. It was about a whistle walking for a long time.

The seventh one was a Webding Resurrection/Easter Short, but could've been an episode, was it was longer than Episode 1.

The eighth one was an entry to LoopDeLoop, heard of it after watching Gerkinman's loops to the competition. The theme was one, and the cursor was all alone doing not much.

The ninth to fourteenth ones were just Daily Animations like including Webdings.

Mismatch Day was an episode for the Squishable Series, but actually happened at my school 2 weeks ago, but I continued it anyway and counted it as an actual episode sooner or later. It got a much better score than Half Day.

Adrellia Village #39 was my second best thing I participated in. I did the part from Alan saying "Your majesty," to King William saying "That's horrible advice!". It got 2nd place. From somewhere between March and May, I switched to 50 smoothing from 100, because, let's face it, 100 smoothing is awfully bad, even with a tablet!

Flash Library # 1 was something similar to Sprite A Day. 7 other ones later happened in early December.

2001: A Space Question Mark was a remake to the original intro.

A Webding Fanmade Episode by MistyEntertainment was made apparently, and I uploaded a standalone of it in July.

Thermometer Touchdown was inspired by Fuel Up to Play 60, with After Effects added to it.

A trailer to an episode Soda Rampage was done in video, and it was the first time I did something in video as well.

The tutorial of a Body Turn was done earlier in the year, or maybe in 2011, but couldn't be uploaded in any way, when I came back from vacation, since during vacation I gained Video Access, it was finally uploaded.

The Flour Sack animation was something I wanted to do a long time ago. It was the first animation I had a voice actor in too! It was inspired by JKR, who did the original comic, and he liked it, and posted it on his Twitter!

The first episode of the 4th Squishable Season was very good, and it got me my first own daily award! Yes! It could've been longer, but it was 5 minutes and 20 seconds long! Yahoo!

I did nothing in October, so in November, I reuploaded Food Jokes, which was actually uploaded in either late May or Early June (most likely late May). It got a better score since it showed something.

Christmas Objects in 1984 got me Daily 5th place. It was a remake of the Apple 1984 commercial. It also contained a voice actor.

The Nokia Hands Collab not only got me a collaborative Daily 2nd Award, it gained me the most fans! It was so worth it to join! Mine was a Wingding animation of Hands getting together.

Finally, before all the Flash Library madness, I did an Annoying Orange music video. Overall, this year was definitely the best year I had on Newgrounds! Enjoy everybody!

Nat29 December Post

2012-12-06 21:55:11 by Natty23

My first movie in December is a collaboration with MistyEntertainment, and it's called Flash Library, and obviously similar to Sprite a Day, but inspired by Dailytoons. Two of his parts were a Paul McCartney (All the Lonely People) and Mario toon (called Mario Saves). Mine was about a guy trying to unlock the door by banging his head with twists closer to the end, one of them inspired by Space Face Part 2. The last one was done on the end of the first half of June this year (June 15, 2012). Two of them were Webding animations by MistyEntertainment and I, and and another random toon was called Pinball Wizard.

My second movie in December was yet another Flash Library, but due to problems with Flash (with MistyEntertainment, but both his accounts still credited for this), it just contained my part. It was a Webding animation that had something to do with traveling.

The third one contains a rejected extra-credit project for History (MistyEntertainment), and another contained two guys burping and farting (Nat29).

The fourth movie contained three parts. Since I'm lazy, mine was a star crashing into a starship with a boom (nearly didn't get in!), and two other parts with a boom (MistyEntertainment & artistunknown). Rated T for mild explicit audio (artistunknown).

The fifth movie contained 4 parts. Mine was a loop of a doggie toy trying to avoid dog faces, Misty's was a chiptune version of Dexter's Coming Home, and Mownkey's was about things dogs do. Also, Dylan sent a drawing to it and went with some chiptune music as well. He is someone from Misty's school.

The sixth one contained 4 parts as well. Mine was science fair projects having to do with water with twists. MistyEntertainment did a Dansai Commercial that ain't that seriously worked on, but with chiptunes. Mownkey did an H20 short and Buzze828 just did 3 drawings for the Flash Library.

The 7th one also contained 4 parts. I put in two parts: Something about 12/12/12 and a smoothing tip. MistyEntertainment put up an unfinished music video, while Mownkey put up some twist that was funny.

Start and End Times of Movies:
Flash Library # 2 - December 6, 2012 (started and finished in a day)
Flash Library # 3 - December 7, 2012 (started and finished in a day)
Flash Library # 4 - started September 16, 2012 (was shelved - Misty's part) to December 8, 2012
Flash Library # 5 - December 9, 2012 (started and finished in a day)
Flash Library # 6 - December 9, 2012 to December 10, 2012
Flash Library # 7 - December 10, 2012 to December 11, 2012
Flash Library # 8 - ???
Flash Library # 2 (none)
Flash Library # 3 (none)
Flash Library # 4 (none)
Flash Library # 5 (none)
Flash Library # 6 (none)
Flash Library # 7 (none)
Flash Library # 8 (none)

Nat29 November Post

2012-11-18 00:31:32 by Natty23

My first movie in November is a reupload of Food Jokes. Food Jokes originally was a swf file and didn't work. But now, it got to be a video and was reuploaded, and ended up with not much of a bad score.

The second movie is the first serious commercial parody of the year. Another one got a terrible score, Fox 5 and My 9, which was made 2 years ago. I added Action Essentials to it, and maybe that's what made it got a lower score. Probably didn't fit.

The third movie was actually a collab I joined hosted by SnowyBangers, and it was the only movie so far from me rated Mature. Usually, and as of now, I would hopefully never make any mature thing. Mostly it'd be rated E stuff, and sometimes rated T stuff. Anyways, my part was two Webding (or Wingding) hands joining each other. It might be the lamest overall to me in the collab and you guys, but at least I entered! The collab was fun overall!

The fourth movie was an Annoying Orange music video. This is my first Annoying Orange fan animation, so be nice! I've been a fan since late May 2012. Nothing much, other than the fact that it's the first animation with tablet drawings in it.

Start and End Times of Movies:

Food Jokes - Thursday, May 17, 2012 to Friday, June 01, 2012
Christmas Objects in 1984 - Saturday, November 10, 2012 to Monday, November 12, 2012
The Nokia Hands Collab - October 19, 2012 to November 17, 2012
Annoying Orange "Hey!" Mashup - November 28, 2012 (started and finished in a day)

Food Jokes (none)
Christmas Objects in 1984 (5th Place)
The Nokia Hands Collab (2nd Place)
Annoying Orange "Hey!" Mashup (none)

Important News

2012-10-18 07:47:26 by Natty23

I have more Squishable shorts and episodes coming up, so please stay tuned for that, along with future episodes! Also, I have a netbrawl for you guys, and you have to watch some of the episodes in order to know the characters well. It's about your favorite 6Teen character. Please go here: 13

And first time episodes for the characters coming up later.

Toons These Days Eps 9 and 10, Drawing Grounds, Air Break and Too Scared to Poop would've been on here, but the ones I like more had to be here. For example, #1 would definitely be my movie that got 4th!

Septemebr Monthly Favorites from Nat29