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Okay, I made it in this month!

2012-07-29 22:33:17 by Natty23

After failing to have a decent animation for the theme "Play", on the last day I edited something that I did before. It originally had music, and just a basic gradient on the ferry with no crowd noise. But it got changed, along with the adding of sun shading, and it actually made it in! For some reason, I was surprised. Don't know why. Find it here: ron-elements/

And as a treat for that edited animation making it in, it will be on the mrcontesty account soon today.


2012-07-15 21:52:40 by Natty23

Newgrounds seems to be normal again.


2012-07-15 17:37:33 by Natty23

What the what is wrong with Newgrounds today? Can't even edit details to a movie, almost couldn't publish one, can't add members to movies that they worked on, Sometimes a movie would be on my account and sometimes not, and won't let me view the animation!! And if this is a glitch or something, just say this is a glitch! This is not fun and games here, this is madness!

From now on...

2012-07-04 12:10:06 by Natty23

From now on, collab entries of mine go to the mrcontesty account.

EDIT AS OF 6:09 PM: Also, I'm trying out Toon Boom.

Very Glad! :)

2012-06-07 16:39:52 by Natty23

Liked the fact that AV 39 (especially since I also worked on this) and Space Face pt. 1 are on Featured Movies!

Very Glad! :)

Look at the link below with the guy with the crown.

Flash Marathon Battle with the Webdings

2012-05-06 00:17:05 by Natty23

Battling MistyEntertainment in a Flash Marathon.

Day 1 (5/5/12) - Airplane Exterminator - Nat29 - 2.48
Day 1 (5/5/12) - Wacky Astronomy ADVENTURE - MistyEntertainment - 3.35

Day 2 (5/6/12) - A Cloud's Day At The Pond - Nat29 - 2.71
Day 2 (5/6/12) - Strawberry's Break # 4 - MistyEntertainment - 3.36

Day 3 (5/7/12) - Webding Night At the Bar - Nat29 - 2.65
Day 3 (5/7/12) - Collabs n' Stuff - pt. 1 - MistyEntertainment - 2.98

Day 4 (5/8/12) - Portfolio - Nat29 - 2.76
Day 4 (5/13/12) - [Oldie] The Mall Santa - MistyEntertainment - 2.80

Day 5 (5/13/12) - Webdings Prologue - Nat29 - 2.99
Day 5 (5/25/12) - NG - Our Town - MistyEntertainment - 2.82

Day 6 (5/31/12) - Food Joke # 1 & Hatception - Nat29 - 2.04 & 1.97
Day 6 (5/31/12) - It's A HORSE!! - MistyEntertainment - 1.57

Day 7 (6/1/12) - Mismatch Day - Nat29 - 3.08
Day 7 (6//12) - ??? - MistyEntertainment - ???

Awards go to: Webdings Prologue for being the first movie I created that has been highlighted green for being a great movie in the classic portal! - 5/14/12, Mismatch Day for being the second movie I created that has been highlighted green for being a great movie in the classic portal! - 6/2/12

Stencyl Fun for 3 months!

2012-05-05 12:02:35 by Natty23

For these 3 months May to June to July, I am making a game with, of course, Stencyl! I heard about it from gigafide, in his Stencyl tutorial. I am trying to learn it by myself, like doing cutscenes and stuff. It will be on Newgrounds in one of these 3 months, hoping I get it here this month! So stay tuned, and another thing! Visit MistyEntertainment for his Misty Marathon!

My Loop De Loop Made It!

2012-05-03 17:45:08 by Natty23 ron-one/

Hard work

2012-04-23 14:51:55 by Natty23

I wasn't invited to upload MP4 files yet, and I don't know if I'll even be invited at all in life, so I had to bother with this tutorial Encoding, re-sizing, long loading and stuff. Hard work.