Nat29 November Post

2012-11-18 00:31:32 by Natty23

My first movie in November is a reupload of Food Jokes. Food Jokes originally was a swf file and didn't work. But now, it got to be a video and was reuploaded, and ended up with not much of a bad score.

The second movie is the first serious commercial parody of the year. Another one got a terrible score, Fox 5 and My 9, which was made 2 years ago. I added Action Essentials to it, and maybe that's what made it got a lower score. Probably didn't fit.

The third movie was actually a collab I joined hosted by SnowyBangers, and it was the only movie so far from me rated Mature. Usually, and as of now, I would hopefully never make any mature thing. Mostly it'd be rated E stuff, and sometimes rated T stuff. Anyways, my part was two Webding (or Wingding) hands joining each other. It might be the lamest overall to me in the collab and you guys, but at least I entered! The collab was fun overall!

The fourth movie was an Annoying Orange music video. This is my first Annoying Orange fan animation, so be nice! I've been a fan since late May 2012. Nothing much, other than the fact that it's the first animation with tablet drawings in it.

Start and End Times of Movies:

Food Jokes - Thursday, May 17, 2012 to Friday, June 01, 2012
Christmas Objects in 1984 - Saturday, November 10, 2012 to Monday, November 12, 2012
The Nokia Hands Collab - October 19, 2012 to November 17, 2012
Annoying Orange "Hey!" Mashup - November 28, 2012 (started and finished in a day)

Food Jokes (none)
Christmas Objects in 1984 (5th Place)
The Nokia Hands Collab (2nd Place)
Annoying Orange "Hey!" Mashup (none)


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2012-11-18 14:30:08

Way to copy the format of my posts.


2012-11-18 14:35:48

(just kidding)