Nat29's March Post

2013-03-04 19:55:03 by Natty23

Head Lice is another Squishable Episode I did. It is 3 minutes long, minus the scene after the credits, and it is the second (or possibly first) greatest episode yet, so please go check that out. Also, special thanks to Mabelma for help with 3 inbetweens, I'm thinking of making him as a inbetween assistant, but I'll still be doing most of the inbetweens though.

Corvty Maze is another short based on a Zimmer Twins Fruity Short. Characters are a Paintbrush, a Ruler and a Cloth Tape Measure voiced by two people. One did the Paintbrush and the other two were done by another. Mabelma did one inbetween while MistyEntertainment shaded most of the shaded stuff (even the poster in the background). Otherwise, it's pretty much similar to Bagel Virus, only better.

The RJL Show Episode # 1 is the start of a new series. It is about two workers who usually don't get along since one keeps pranking another, and the other one tries to get revenge, but fails. And by pranks, I mean computer pranks. And by computer pranks, I mean RJL Computer Pranks. Based on the actual RJL Pranks website. The first episode is based off Mouse Mover, in which the mouse moves randomly every 5 seconds.

Fiddler on the Roof is the first short of the Squishables Season 4. It is about Opex telling Lubch about the play. It is slightly funnier because another writer wrote most of the script. Mabelma also had done a beautiful theater background.

Adrellia Village #42 is the best Adrellia Village episode yet, you have to go watch it. King William gets depressed and Drake, Rory and Rachel are still looking for the rare ingredients. By the way, MistyEntertainment is actually the creator of the series, I just helped with certain parts.

Start and End Dates:
Head Lice - February 27, 2013 to March 2, 2013
Corvty Maze - March 2, 2013 to March 4, 2013
The RJL Show Episode # 1 - November 28, 2012 to March 9, 2013
Fiddler on the Roof - March 3, 2013 to March 16, 2013
Adrellia Village #42 - February 6, 2013 to March 17, 2013


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2013-03-05 00:41:32

Sup, brah?

Natty23 responds:

Nothing much, I guess?


2013-03-18 16:11:11

Keep up the good work! Also, episode 42 was in fact worked on from February 6 to March 17, so you don't need to put "possibly."

Natty23 responds:

Thanks. I owe you one.