Nat29's LATE October 2013 Post

2013-10-12 17:25:23 by Natty23

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So far I have nothing for this month, but there will be something this month from me, so stay tuned! Also, please note that until November 1, 2013, this blog post will be updated whenever I have something to say or if there is a new cartoon from me!

I have decided not to cancel Squishables, but to work on it less now. Some of my other ideas will still go on. And that awful series is now canceled.

I am looking looking for extremely active additional animators (additional animation, lip sync, and/or inbetweening). So far I have one to three of them, but I am praying and hoping for some more!

In the meantime,

The Squishables Season 5 (and seasons 6, 7, and 8) Website

No Top 10 of September 2013 from me because there wasn't enough good things unfortunately.

P.S. Whoever is downvoting my videos repeatedly please stop. If you don't like it, don't keep coming back and voting 0. This is why many of my cartoons are gone at the moment. Also, DelightfullyCynical7 and his classmates will also need to stop SPAMMING MY Squishable Wikia pages. Your IP Addresses will just keep getting banned, and more pages will be locked up now thanks to this. Thank you, guys, I can't trust anyone anymore on my Squishables Wikia! Thanks to FaceTwitPlus for telling me.


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2013-10-12 18:42:06

Would these said animators get paid?

Natty23 responds:

No, not at all.