RJL Show, The Squishables, and Other Stuff

2014-10-05 18:05:58 by Natty23

If anyone is still interested in helping me out with the Webdings FLA Library, they could come here:


Sure, it's been almost a year and seven months since the last episode of The RJL Show, but I assure you that it won't get an outrageouisly high score this time, and it's not canceled either. It's just on a really, long hiatus. So I'm working on the series again, except that they'll upgrade to Windows 7 and only RJL pranks that are usable for up to Windows 7 will have episodes now. For instance, Click Start was going to be the next episode, but it's not compatibile for Windows 7, so it'll no longer have a The RJL Show episode. I also plan to have 36 episodes total, and 4 bonus ones in which you have to do something in order to watch them. So overall, that's 40 episodes, and there'll be four seasons overall. Each season will have a single bonus episode. I regained interest in continuing the series, so speaking of which...

As for The Squishables, I'm taking back a new style I previously made for the series (in which no cartoon on this Newgrounds account has), and I'm going right back to the Softball Telethon style, except that the outlines will be colored, like in The RJL Show. It too isn't cancelled, and should hopefully receive more cartoosn soon, and for once some of these episodes aren't based off of school events (great, right MistyEntertainment?)! I don't know whether to use smooth lines for this series still, or to go back to the slightly jagged and/or rough lines that I'll still use in The RJL Show. It's a possibility the jagged lines may return since Curtis Career Connections used that style, and it has better ratings than Softball Telethon. And the mouth style will be the same one like the one from Best of You too.

Plus, tomorrow will be the fifth anniversary of The Squishables! That's right, it started on October 6, 2009, and now it's starting to get even older! This series will end after Season 8 if anyone is interested.

Going back to The RJL Show, it'll still have it's unique shading style (unless you guys want me to use the shading style in The Squishables for that series) and the jagged lines like seen in Curtis Career Connections, but once again, the mouth style will be the same one from my Best of You animation, which is by far the best Squishables-related cartoon to date (at least according to me).

On another note, I'm making props that I may use in my series, and yes, some of these props aren't traced. A new technique is that I draw the prop in my sketchbook, then take a picture of the sketch, then trace it in Flash, color it, and shade it.

I might edit this journal if I feel like I forgot anything or to make sure something is correct, but I'm not sure as of yet.

So have fun!


RJL Show Episode # 2 will be released on October 29, 2014.


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2014-10-05 18:30:09

wow hey my usernam eis in this news post this is a very cool news post thanks so much

Natty23 responds:

No problem.


2014-10-05 19:02:04

If I could give any advice, I'd say to use smooth lines. To me, anything below 40 smoothing looks really bad. Who knows though, maybe you could make it look good :p

Natty23 responds:

Well how does this look? For the most part, everything is done in 39 smoothing:



2014-10-05 23:08:31

Yeah, it just seems like the jagged lines don't look that good. It looks all right when the characters aren't in close-up, but when it is a close-up it can look really bad. They can look good and fitting stylistically if the cartoon you're making is supposed to have a gritty feel, but something tells me you wouldn't be doing that :p.

Natty23 responds:

So use 40 or higher for close-ups, and 39 smoothing for everything else?


2014-10-06 10:56:43

That could probably work, yeah.

Btw, you don't have to message me to tell me you've responded. Newgrounds has notifications for that now ;3

Natty23 responds:

Oh right. Sorry.