I'm Improving My Future Cartoons

2014-12-12 23:33:15 by Natty23

All future animations I create will follow some of these Game and Movie Standards that are on this page here:


Starting from my very next cartoon, I'll try my best to include Ending Screens to all future cartoons I make from now on. Also, beginning from Webdings Episode # 5, the intro will be changed, but I'll make sure that it isn't that long either. I also came up with a new, snazzy walk cycle for most of the Webdings. I've already used it in The Bubbles' Thanksgiving Parade, as well as my entry for that Sheep Collab.

The next Webdings short should be about the new Voice Acting forum that debuted thanks to Piper.

And sorry if The RJL Show Episode # 2 isn't out yet, but I'll see if I could get it out before the end of the year. It probably won't be as epic as Episode # 1, though.

Finally, if you're interested in helping me, I need help choosing music for a future The Squishables short:


I may or may not update this blog post one more time (or maybe even multiple times) for more information.


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2014-12-27 00:44:32

Was beginning to wonder what happened to you... sounds like you're on the right course though :)
As far as picking music, have a listen to my music favorites, maybe one of them will be to your liking, if you haven't already settled on one...