Nat29's May 2013 Post

2013-05-05 17:59:03 by Natty23

The first thing for this month is a Webdings episode called Swiveling Webdings, and the first one in a year and two months. But yeah, it's about our converter Swivel! The Webdings go crazy over it and take away Keyboard and Mouse and Monitor just to check it out.

Also, for the second episode of Teens' Adventure, there are more FBF movements (examples like more arm FBF), and currently, I am working on Episode 3. It is longer and hopefully better than the first too, thanks to three voice actors, two musicians and one animator! Also, it got 10th place (runner-up).

I am trying to do more FBF with the 6Teen & Stoked characters. Although I haven't planned her in any cartoons yet, here is Mimi, Stone's ex-girlfriend from Date and Switch (first appeared in Wrestlemania, back then they were together): 813346cb5d48b0703260

And below is my favorite 10 from last month (it wasn't easy!):

Nat29's May 2013 Post


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2013-05-05 18:48:18

COOL ! :3

Natty23 responds:



2013-05-07 06:17:52

Adriana Village at the top of the list?! :O There were so many amazing submissions this month, here's my selection: 0f4ca1f2da89166b8a6aa1

Natty23 responds:

The Top 10 up there is not in particular order.


2013-05-12 03:56:23

The best there is the Pac-Man , thanks for the PM :)

Natty23 responds:

You're welcome.