Nat29's July 2013 Post

2013-07-01 17:19:45 by Natty23

Webdings Crossing is a short about crossing the street with Webdings showing you examples. REMOVED DUE TO LOW SCORE

Although not co-authored on it, I did several work on the AV46, and it will be the last time. I did some lip-sync of King William, Drew, Christina, and drew a trash bin, bag of chips & ketchup bottle (but MistyEntertainment did the text), did most of Rory picking up a guitar, found a moaning & shirt ripping sound effect, did an arm movement for Drake, and made some suggestions. I wish the AV Team the best of luck.

The Webdings episode Pivot Webdings is the longest yet! It has the Running, Walking, Tower Fall, Revenge, Sprite Demo, Tumble and Dominoes animation done with Webdings with twists! The original ones are done by Peter Bone. I hope you like this!

I have decided not to cancel Squishables, but to work on it less now. Some of my other ideas will still go on. And that awful series will be in dump files from now on.

Click here to see my Top 10 for June 2013.


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2013-07-10 12:57:35

i want to make a game ): but i don't have the right flash drive ):