Webdings FLA Library, and more!

2014-08-29 00:31:51 by Natty23

I have just finished making the beta version of the Webdings FLA Library for my Webdings series. As long as you have Flash 8 or up, you could get the file for yourself and tell me if sizings are off, what colors need changing, and stuff like that. So basically, you could tell me how I could improve on my FLA Library before I release it to the public. Please PM me if you are interested.

On another note, The Squishables Season 6 is in progress, and will debut with a new and neater style. Although, for the moment, it may take longer to do the new style, but in a way, it'll be easier to animate the bodies of the characters and stuff like that! Anyway, see you then!


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2014-09-05 17:12:28

i'm an artist and i would be willing to help out. i just made this profile so i haven't uploaded anything yet, but you can see my artwork here: http://craziefuzi.deviantart.com/
thanks for reading!