This Day is AMAZING!!!

2015-02-26 14:22:58 by Natty23

Even though I didn't get a daily award for the PupilPath episode I uplodaded recently, I did get a Runner-up Award (6th Place), so I guess that means it wasn't so bad after all!

Oh yeah, and this happened!



So I guess this shows that The Squishables episode is finally improving! While I'll never use real voices for at least the main characters, it's because I could get episodes out quicker that way. Plus I have schoolwork to do too, you know. 


Overall, let's hope I get better and better at animating and drawing this year!


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2015-02-26 22:03:06

dude congrats that's fucking awesome!


2015-05-20 15:26:21

You've been quite busy lately, glad you've been recognized for your efforts!